Hello world!

Inspired by an Ibithan sunset. 

Surrounding me is an abundance of Louis Vuitton bags, champagne glasses and a cosmetic collection enough to fill a boutique store. 

Who has the biggest smiles on their faces ? 

That will be the group below me, locals, wearing nothing but swim wear and drinking water whilst dancing to the backdrop of Music. 

Since then I have obessively read on minimalistic ways of life, Zen Habits and many stories of individuals de cluttering and focusing energy on what really matters. 

My journey will change the way I eat, remove my daily dosages of fizzy drinks, the way I live my life and the way I keep my ‘things’ . 

I shall take up long distance running aiming to conquer all EU countries with a marathon, and travel with just me, myself and my camera to snap the mnml…


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