How to deal with injury set backs ?

‘ No running for 4 weeks, no sweating for two weeks’

That’s the order from the doctors here in Vienna. 

But I have a challenge on, and my first of the EU countries is coming in October. Of which I am nowhere near ready for. 

As I want to start the minimal way, and use inspirations from Ayurveda whilst losing much needed bulk during my training, my nutrition coach here at Holmes Place has suggested to use this period of ‘ rest ‘ to clean my body, detoxify and practice Yoga so I re start my running in one months time fresh. 

Any thoughts, or tips on how you deal with set backs like this ?


4 thoughts on “How to deal with injury set backs ?

      1. Holistic Spirit says:

        Definitely! The yoga is a good idea as well – I’ve taken that up recently and it’s been really great for my mentality. I’d also recommend any sort of meditations when you’re feeling rubbish as it will definitely help.


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